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Friday, July 08, 2005

Reactionary Radicals

I know, I know, great title... it took me half the day to come up with it. Anyway, Lee at Right Thinking has a great post sort of about what I mentioned the other day about people simply being against America instead of seeing that the issues clearly point towards recognizing a serious threat.
I remember living in the UK as a teenager, and every time you’d go through Heathrow there would be armed guards carrying machine guns walking through the terminals. But I think the main difference between the IRA bombings and what you see today is that nobody was trying to argue that the threat from the IRA didn’t exist. Everyone knew it did, they knew what they were facing, and they dealt with it. Nowadays, however, there is a willful ignorance (ed. or sheer stupidity) on the part of so many people over there, and I think it’s due primarily to sheer, utter hatred of George W. Bush. Look at the popularity of the conspiracy theories of oil and globalization and American hegemony and God knows what else. During WWII nobody was making documentaries claiming that Churchill was secretly trying to establish a British hegemony on the continent. It’s not so much that the British people were blind to the possibility of a few bombings of this type, it’s that they were blind to the bigger picture, that these types of suicide bombings are only the beginning of a larger war, declared on the West by radical fascist Islam, that has been going on for decades.


This morning I received an email from a British friend of mine (very much a left-winger) who lives in London, the content of which can be summed by quite easily. “Hi everyone. The wife, kids, and I are all okay. While our sympathies go out to the families of the victims, let’s not forget the people of Iraq, who are subject to this sort of thing every day, due to the misguided policies of Bush and Blair.” In other words, none of this would have ever happened if Bush and his poodle Blair hadn’t launched their illegal war on the peace-loving people of Iraq. It’s not the Islamists that are the threat, it’s all Bush’s fault for making them want to attack us.

Lee nails it again. I can't believe the guy lives in California... must be awful for him. What I don't get is that no matter what, it's Bush's fault. The only appropriate word I can think of when I hear people start saying "if only we hadn't upset them" or "we should apologize and throw money at them" is "coward." You can't blame Bush for terrorism- as I said before, it's been around for quite a while. Anyway, read the whole thing- he does an outstanding job of explaining things.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has a great roundup of the responses by the whackjob G8 protestors.