Alpine Summit

Monday, July 18, 2005

Parting the Black Sea

"Ebonics be back" according to Michelle Malkin. Not only are they trying to get it in the classroom again, they're trying to declare it a civil right! I'd just like to mention that this issue was debated and argued over endlessly years ago. It illustrates with what tenacity liberals go to to get their agendas furthered because here they are... again... whining about it.

Why would they want to get such an idiotic concept declared a "civil right?" Because they can then say people who opposed it were against civil rights in general. It is absolutely the most retarded issue to be arguing about. Ebonics is NOT a language. Actually, I'm wrong. It is a language- english. Except unlike the queen's english or American english, it's defined as "bad" english.

The black community- or whoever- pushing this should recognize that this will do nothing but widen a gap between themselves and, well, everyone else. Not only that, but it will be hurting the children who learn this completely worthless "language" because, unlike other courses such as women's studies which is just worthless, learning poor english skills will actually hurt kids when they grow up and try to find a job. Perhaps that's the ultimate goal: keep the black community in the lower echelons of society so those in power can maintain their control.

UPDATE: Two Babes and a Brain cite a response to this article showing that the school board wasn't actually considering this for their curriculum. That's good to know.