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Friday, July 15, 2005

Oh, THAT Liberal Media, Part 4

(From LGF) So, apparently, Israel is fighting back... again, and the press tries distorting it to sound like they're the aggressors... again.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - The Israeli military launched an airstrike Friday on a van carrying Hamas militants and a cache of homemade rockets in a Gaza City street, killing four people in what may be the most serious blow to a 5-month-old truce.

The strike destroyed the van, scattering shards of metal and body parts hundreds of yards away. The van was filled with homemade rockets, Palestinian security officials said.

Of course! Because bombing civillians at a shopping mall during a pullout won't be a blow to the truce. Only killing terrorists will. I have no doubt I could find even more articles about the Palestinians trying the patience of Israel for 5 months and thus showing Israel's restraint up until now.

Again, anyone who thinks the MSM isn't liberally biased is either incredibly stupid or willfully ignorant.