Alpine Summit

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My 4th of July Weekend

To start off, I'd like to talk about my time in Worland this past weekend. I had a good time due in large part to my friend who lives there giving me someone to bother and with whom I could do things. We had originally decided to go bowling since everything else was closed for the 4th. When I called the bowling place, they were closed for the 4th, too. So there wasn't really anything to do, so I went to Pamida and bought a chess set for $1.50 and we played a game of chess.

The next day, my grandparents wanted me to do a few chores for them around the house since they aren't as young as they used to be. My friend and I decided to go golfing (after driving around town for half and hour). We took 3-ish hours to play 9 holes of golf. I'd tell you the score, but my friend has the scorecard. I do know it wasn't good and I really need to work on my swing. We also learned that a cart rental is worth every penny. Price is irrelevant- it's worth it. So, good times were had by all. That evening, I got up on the roof and cleaned my grandparents' gutters. They seemed happy I did such work and I was soundly rewarded in really tasty (free) food.

Sunday was the day of rest. That afternoon, my grandparents made me get back on the roof and trim some tree branches that were hanging over their roof. So, it wasn't as restful as it could have been, but I like high places so it all worked out.

Monday, the big day, my grandfather and I went over the Tensleep, WY to watch the parade they were having. Poor planning on their part and certainly wouldn't have won any awards in logistics. I saw my friend in the parade, which was pretty cool- though their grandfather is the mayor of Tensleep so I imagine there were some under-the-table dealings on that one. Other than that, there was the usual pelting-of-children candy throwing going on and horses of all sizes, shapes, and colors leaving piles of mostly the same stuff on the road. OH! and we got to see the week-old fire truck Tensleep had just bought. That was kind of cool. After the parade, it was time for lunch and then the Rodeo. My grandfather and I went to the rodeo and I invited my friend to meet us there. Another abomination to logistics would be a kind characterization of the Rodeo. The events did not flow, and the barrel racing was split between a couple of roping events. That meant we had to sit through them putting on and taking off barrels in the arena TWICE instead of just having all the barrel racing while all the barrels were still out there. Other than the poor logistics, I saw a guy get knocked out and hauled off in an ambulance from the bull riding event. It reminded me of why I don't do rodeo. If I want that kind of fun, I'll find a video game that will do it for me thankyouverymuch. Then near the end of the rodeo they had a couple of auction items that, I swear, took an hour a piece. Okay, maybe not that long, but it was a while. For an auctioneer that can talk so fast, you'd think he could have gotten the job done in a shorter period of time than he did. Then bidding on teams for the wild horse race... another hour. That's my favorite event, but I was really tempted not to stick around just because it was taking forever. All told, the rodeo lasted from 1:30 until about 5:30. 4 hours! UGH! Anyway, it was a lot of fun in other parts and I got to see stupid people get hurt so the day wasn't a total loss.

I had to leave Worland this morning at about 5 o'clock to make it into work on time. That meant I didn't stay up to see any fireworks or other goings on in the evening as I was already pretty pooped and decided to go to bed. But anyway, that was my weekend. Lots of fun and good times with friend and family- the way a celebration should be.