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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Madrid: Part 2

I linked Michelle Malkin in the title, but this is pretty much the only thing ANYBODY is talking about(instapundit has lots of links). What is interesting is that people seem shocked and dismayed something like this could even happen. I, for one, am anything but shocked. Sure this was a tragic event, and sure I wish it hadn't happened, but this is the MO of the terrorists. I wonder how many times things like this have to happen before moonbats et. al. realize that they are not "freedom fighters" or "revolutionaries" but people (and I use the term VERY loosely) bent on the irradication of all whith whom they disagree. These people are not pluralists, they do not simply want a live-and-let-live attitude in the world, they only want two things: total Islamic domination in the world, and the utter destruction of anything non-Islamic.

I'm so sick of hearing these "people" being portrayed as some sort of peaceful goat farmer forced to fight for his life because of an imperialist invader. Victor Davis Hanson spoke a bit in a recent column at National Review about the "cult of the underdog:"

Fourth, in an asymmetrical war the cult of the underdog is a valuable tool. Europeans march with posters showing scenes from Abu Ghraib, not of the beheading of Daniel Pearl or the murder of Margaret Hassan. They do not wish, much less expect, al Qaeda to win, but they still find psychic satisfaction in seeing the world’s sole superpower tied down, as if it were the glory days of the Vietnam protests all over again. How else can we explain why Amnesty International claims that Guantanamo — specialized ethnic foods, available Korans, and international observers — is comparable to a Soviet Gulag where millions once perished? So there is a deep, deep sickness in the West

I really agree with his line of thinking here. There is no way a rational person would see people who cut off the heads of, and target, civillians as anything but a terrorist. So, the explanation why people would defend such actions would have to be because of some emotional attachment- a specialty of the left.

But, I predict the moonbats and lefties will continue to decry the U.S. while supporting the terrorists (if not directly, certainly supporting their actions). They've come out as so much more enlightened and informed about this than us "knuckle-dragging" conservatives, to actually concede that they were wrong would show the world that they aren't actually as "enlightened and informed" as they think they are.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has a follow up post about the blame-America-firster's responses.