Alpine Summit

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Left Coast Paying Terrorists

So a terrorist gets out of Guantanimo and reaffirms his allegance to Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. So what does Hollywood do? Give him money!

For his participation in the project, Khadr will be generously rewarded: The National Post, quoted by Daniel Pipes, reports that Abdurahman—the “good son” of the Khadr family—could earn as much as $500,000 when the movie debuts sometime around 2006. Daily Variety, also quoted by Pipes, suggests that the deal may be worth in the "mid- to high-six figures.” The producers hope Johnny Depp will star in the lead. Vincent Newman, president of Vincent Newman Entertainment, who bought the rights, is quoted hailing Khadr’s “a classic black sheep story—a story about the rebel of the family.” Khadr meanwhile has reserved the rights to develop the screenplay. Variety notes that “it appears it will follow the storyline that makes him look best....”

I've had it with Hollywood. The only movies or TV shows they dare put out involve America being evil in some way, and their enemies as some kind of innocent underdog. Read this whole article. His thoughts on Osama are quite enlightening. The guy is, by no means, "innocent."