Alpine Summit

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I just don't CAIR anymore

(Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin) So there's a follow up on the charred remains of a Koran found in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood. As I've said before; ever since Newsweek's incorrect reporting, there has been a scurrying of the media to find an actual event of Koran desecration... just ONE where they can then say "fake but accurate" about the account and condemn America (as they are so fond of doing).

In the middle of all this is the anti-American group CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations). They stepped forward and treated this like a hate crime shouting from the mountaintops on how this was yet another example of how hateful and bigoted us non-Islamic American infidels are. Not in so many words, of course, but they lay it on so thick you get their implication.

Well it turns out that the perpetrator of the "hate crime" the 'bigoted infidel' is a Muslim! What does it tell you about a person's or group's politics when their knee-jerk reaction is to immediately start blaming Americans? I certainly wouldn't call it "patriotic."