Alpine Summit

Friday, July 15, 2005

Good News Doesn't Sell Papers

I found this column via Instapundit. Great column talking about how, if you only read MSM reports, you would think Iraq was "still in flames" when it's actually doing quite well.

He had a dig at the media: "Despite the tone of much popular commentary, this would seem to indicate that the coalition and its Iraqi allies must have done something well in the last year."

Of course. This has been a pet peeve of mine since the war started. Basically, I've been frustrated they haven't shown more good news stories from Iraq. I have no doubt they would have completely ignored the elections from January if they could have. Even during the elections, they had 'terrorism watches' just WAITING to pounce on any rumor that involved the disruption of the elections - instead of the election itself. Once the election was over, they covered how the ballots were counted trumping up concerns of voter fraud. They've always focused on the negative coming out of Iraq instead of the good things. This is part of the reason I really don't care to watch the news anymore and why I've turned more toward blogs to get my information.