Alpine Summit

Friday, July 15, 2005

Flies on the Wall

My dad just sent me this through an e-mail, and figured I would check out the links. This touches close to home where I grew up in Colorado Springs.

Question of the day for Luke Air Force Base: Whom do we thank for the morning air show?

The guy was being smarmy and self-righteous with this comment because he goes on to complain about the noise- read the whole post. At least he apologizes later. In Colorado Springs, if you haven't been or are unaware, is a military town. It is home to Ft. Carson Army base, the Air Force Academy (which is an actual, working base), Schreiver AFB, Peterson AFB, and NORAD located in Cheyenne Mountain (which also houses several other things- like Stargate command :) ). There are also several government contractors with offices all around town- most notably Lockheed (since that's where my dad works now).

At least, it USED to be a military town. Colorado Springs went through a huge growth spurt during the 90's and, as a result, many stupid civillians (probably from California) with absolutely no interaction with the military moved in. Since it's hard to NOT live by some kind of military base in this town, low-flying aircraft are just a fact of life. Peterson AFB is a C-130 base and the AF Academy have training planes ALL the time ALL year 'round and Ft. Carson as a firing range for tanks. So, people constantly complain about the noise pollution never acknowledging that the military bases were there first. For the most part, these complaints have fallen on deaf ears since most in the town recognize these people are idiots. Nevertheless it's been an on-going thing since I can remember.

Anyway, I think this post is worth mentioning- even though it's a little old. People whine about a little jet noise when that noise- while annoying to them- is the sound of freedom. I say, when you hear military jets flying overhead, just go outside and enjoy the show! After all, you paid for it.

Off topic: I found this website in the e-mail too. It chronicles who in our government's leadership has served in the military. It even had party breakdowns... guess which party has more members?