Alpine Summit

Monday, July 25, 2005


A movie currently looking for distribution looks to be a promising film. The movie is called "Fatwa," and centers around a D.C. sleeper cell bent on bombing the national mall.

"Fatwa" is the story of just such an attack(ed. the 9/11 attacks). The plot centers around junior senator Maggie Davidson (Lauren Holly), a hard-liner against terrorism who has also become a figurehead for anti-terrorist action. Unbeknownst to Maggie, she has been singled out to be another figurehead-- a terrorist sleeper cell in the suburban D.c. metro area mobilizes a plan to blow up a dirty bomb on the National Mall with Maggie being killed in the blast.

Soon, Maggie will learn exactly how deep the roots of terrorism go, and how hard it is to tell who's part of this game and who isn't.

"Fatwa" explores the concepts of power, control, fear, ethics, and duty in a post-9/11 world. Gone are the days when we can remain ignorant of such issues.

It looks to be a promising film that takes an honest look at terrorism from the perspective that these people are out to kill us and ours for the sake of their god and thus, cannot be bargained with; that's probably why finding a distributor is proving to be an obstacle. It's also probably the reason this movie is an independent film. Hollywood hates reality. Especially when the reality is that America isn't at fault. I haven't seen the movie, and these are more guesstimates about how the movie will be, but from where I'm sitting it promises to be quite good. Anyway, check out the trailer, read the synopsis and see what I mean.