Alpine Summit

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Checking Out

Gateway pundit has a post about the removal of the Checkpoint Charlie memorial in Berlin. One can't help but wonder if it's because of all those "offensive" symbols of "oppresion" and "intolerance" sticking out of the ground that may be part of the motivation as to why people want this monument destroyed. I seriously doubt this would be happening if those were star-and-crecent shaped landmarks... just a thought.

Also, my mother went to what was East Germany on her last trip back there about a year ago. She said the differences between East and West are still quite visible. Not only are churches crumbling piles of rocks, but so is every other building. She said everyone there is still living in poverty and destitution. Such a shining utopia created by communism, no? No.

I've always had the impression that Germans have wanted to try and erase from history's memory the events of 1933-1945. A law still on the books says that swastikas are banned symbols in the country. You can be arrested for having a swastika anywhere in Germany. I imagine there are certain exceptions to this, but all in all, Germans have always wanted to just forget about Hitler and the Nazis rather than actually learn a lesson from it.

Anyone who thinks that communism- or socialism for that matter- is something that can help mankind, is in the same boat as those who think the media aren't biased towards the left: incredibly stupid, or willfully ignorant.