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Monday, July 18, 2005

Carnival of the Capitalists

This is a link to the Carnival of Capitalists or CotC for short. They have a roundup of various blog posts about business-related items. I first started reading this carnival a few weeks ago. Usually there's only about one or two things that sound interesting to me, but this one in particular is pretty awesome; it has TONS of cool stuff this week, so I thought I'd link to it. I'll update later with some of my favorites once I've had a chance to read them.

UPDATE: So I had a chance to check out some of the more interesting posts from the CotC this week. Here are the creme de la creme:

-Euronomics failures with a dash of French-bashing goodness. The jist is that the self-proclaimed enlightened Europe has a higher unemployment rate that us knuckle-dragging Americans. I guess we're just too stupid to fail as spectacularly as the French.

-Economics of Terrorism. Interesting take on what might happen if we pull troops out. By rewarding the terrorists with something they want (pulling troops out) they will be more inclined to continue terrorism. The basic tenet of this comes from the fact that if you reward an act you will get more of it. I tend to agree. Even if you didn't agree with putting troops in there in the first place, you should recognize that it's too late to pull them out because the terrorists will think they have won. They would be right, too.

-Debunking an expert. This post invovles analysis of Jim Cramer. He's the host of "Mad Money" on CNBC. He's fun to watch because he literally breaks a sweat talking about stocks. Apparently, though, someone has been keeping track of the stocks he recommends buying and selling and has no better than "coin flip" odds. I found this interesting because so many people claim to be experts when their success depends largely on luck. In fact, I would go as far as to say that they rely on luck more than they do skill.

So those were the ones that were of particular interest to me. There were others I found interesting, but probably not worth mentioning here since it involves some mild background in business. I recommend checking it out for yourself and see if there's anything you like.