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Friday, July 08, 2005

Beating a Dead Horse

Kudos to Powerline for posting this. Another map I'd like to point to- this one illustrates the kind of "pluralists" and "freedom fighters" these "people" are.

Powerline says it isn't complete, citing no mention of Israeli attacks. I would agree somewhat with that statement, but the situation there is a bit more complex than that. I don't think either side's hands are clean, but it doesn't mean Israel isn't still right.

Terrorism certainly predates Clinton's presidency by a considerable amount. Countless hijackings during the 70's and 80's, the little tiff the Islamofacists threw at the olympics in Germany, and on and on and on. Both Clinton and Carter have horrendous track records when it comes to fighting terrorism. Either they didn't do anything or handled things incompetently (i.e. the "no armor" rule for the soldiers in Somalia). I'm just happy Kerry and his doctrine of "let's wait for more Americans to die before we do anything" isn't the perspective being used.