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Monday, July 25, 2005

Another Great Example of the Left

Lee at Right-Thinking has this wonderful story in addition to the Govenor Gnoll story. He has a great thought about the knoll story I was sort of thinking myself but hadn't developed the idea:

Note the typically Michael Moore-ish assumption that anyone who loses a family member in the war is instantly going to be against it.

I'm guessing that, to a liberal, they can't possibly understand why someone would support a war in which their family died.

Anyway, about this latest story. Who would do such a thing? I love to see a liberal's idea of "free speech." Don't you DARE question their patriotism, though.

Democrats and liberals have lost all ethos with me. Sure there are fringe groups on the right that do similar things, but instances like this are far more heavily weighted on the left's side; and Republicans aren't nearly as infiltrated with their fringe as the Democrats are with theirs. Of course, I can't say that with any statistical confidence, but any quick inventory on such acts (i.e. having "die-ins" on busy streets in NYC) are from the left. Most fringe right-wingers tend to go live by themselves and live in bunkers or join the KKK which is pretty much just a shooting club these days.