Alpine Summit

Monday, July 25, 2005

The Altar of Multiculturalism

I especially enjoyed this opinion column from The Australian by Mark Steyn about how multiculturalism is hurting us.

For four years, much of the western world behaved like Bryant. Bomb us, and we agonise over the "root causes" (that is, what we did wrong). Decapitate us, and our politicians rush to the nearest mosque to declare that "Islam is a religion of peace". Issue bloodcurdling calls at Friday prayers to kill all the Jews and infidels, and we fret that it may cause a backlash against Muslims. Behead sodomites and mutilate female genitalia, and gay groups and feminist groups can't wait to march alongside you denouncing Bush, Blair and Howard. Murder a schoolful of children, and our scholars explain that to the "vast majority" of Muslims "jihad" is a harmless concept meaning "decaf latte with skimmed milk and cinnamon sprinkles".

When things like this happen, the only question that should be on people's minds is "how do we eliminate this threat?" Not "why would somebody do something like this? and how can we fix it?" Also, another example of the left's desire to see America fail over doing the right thing: marching with and supporting those who would just as soon kill them as they would me or my family. Earlier in the column Steyn talks about a meeting between Mohammed Atta and Johnelle Bryant, an official with the department of agriculture in Florida about building a large crop duster.

The meeting got off to a rocky start when Atta refused to deal with Bryant because she was but a woman. But, after this unpleasantness had been smoothed out, things went swimmingly. When it was explained to him that, alas, he wouldn't get the 650 grand in cash that day, Atta threatened to cut Bryant's throat. He then pointed to a picture behind her desk showing an aerial view of downtown Washington - the White House, the Pentagon et al - and asked: "How would America like it if another country destroyed that city and some of the monuments in it?"

Fortunately, Bryant's been on the training course and knows an opportunity for multicultural outreach when she sees one. "I felt that he was trying to make the cultural leap from the country that he came from," she recalled. "I was attempting, in every manner I could, to help him make his relocation into our country as easy for him as I could."

This sort of thing is not an "opportunity for multiculturalism!" This is, however, a great opportunity to call the FBI (or at least the police) for threatening your life and the United States. Hindsight is 20/20 though, I guess.

Read the whole thing, he makes great points about multiculturalism and how some people have some pathological obsession with adhering to it; most especially with Muslims and arabs. Even though those are the exact people we should be watching out for.

Finally, Styen mentions something I think can apply to the liberal movement in general:

"Clearly, a civilisation that feels guilty for everything it is and does will lack the energy and conviction to defend itself."

This could easily explain why liberals are so much for "getting along" and making all kinds of compromising deals with these people. Their ideology demands they be guilty for being American, White, Male, or part of any group predominantly in power. Because of this, they have no desire to defend themselves because they somehow think they- or we- deserve it somehow.