Alpine Summit

Saturday, July 09, 2005

AIDS on the way

So scientists may have found a cure for HIV. It just may work!

I wonder, though, why haven't we heard about this in mainstream news? Instead we hear about some blond-haired prom queen who disappeared. I know it's a tragic thing and all that, but for CRYING OUT LOUD! This isn't news, people! It happens all the time, and does not impact me in any way shape or form. Not that AIDS information directly affects me either, but the social and incidental implications of this news will.

The drug is still pretty new and I'm sure there is a lot more testing to do before it becomes available, but it's interesting they may have found a non-social cure for a social disease. My view of AIDS is that it is a disease of which there are very few innocent victims as it is contracted mostly through immoral acts.

I'm wondering what this will do for the overall morality of the world once people won't have to worry about this disease anymore. How many people won't feel obliged to worry about HIV anymore because they can now take a pill? What other diseases might they have otherwise not propagated? There is a whole list of STD's still to spread, and because AIDS is the biggest one, the others might get overlooked when someone tells themselves it's okay to start fornicating [again].