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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Abandoning Ship!

Ed at Captain's Quarters was able to interview Bernard Goldberg who had some really good comments about a lot of things in American society today. A couple of them I had been unaware of until people I know pointed them out to me- directly, or indirectly.
Let’s talk about the TV stuff in particular. As I said, this used to be called the Family Hour. Now, it’s one cheap sex joke after another. But if you complain about that, you’re a prude, or you’re a square. You know what? This is why I come down harder on liberals than I do on conservatives, because the Left has decided to look the other way. They don’t want to complain about this, because if they do, now they’re on the side of the morality police. Oh, they couldn’t possibly want to be on that side.
He's really right! I must say I'm guilty of labeling some of my friends as prudes or overly-sensitive about things shown on TV, but the more I see it, the more I realize that they're right! One thing liberals do is to try and reach younger and younger age demographics. I've seen plenty of stories on this- most notably pressure to have the liberal version of sex ed (the "how to" kind- not the "here's how it works, enjoy at your own peril" kind) in elementary schools. More on topic, though, I was talking to my friend the other day about how all the good movies and TV shows I recommend turn out having either way too much profanity, or gratuitous nudity or unbridled violence or all three. She said I shouldn't be watching such things and it really occured to me that it's nearly impossible not to run into this kind of thing unless you're willing to watch nothing more than EWTN or the community calendar. I like a good action flick as much as the next guy, but when I think of what passed for pornography in the 40's, 50's and early 60's, I realize that it's seen on primetime on a nightly basis in full view of children. I could go on about this, but there is much more on which to comment.
The issue is the people who speak loudest for the liberals, the voice of Liberal America. They are the ones doing a lot of harm to this culture. They’re the ones who put out these shows in Hollywood that are so cutting edge and daring and all that, that offend – well, I don’t want to say who they offend. They do get an audience. The liberal community is the one putting out all these shows in Hollywood. Liberals are the ones running the college campuses where they have speech codes. Can you imagine if George Bush imposed speech codes, or if Congress imposed speech codes? Liberals rightly would be screaming bloody murder. But only a few brave souls on the Left have complained about speech codes on campus.
These are really similar sentiments to my own thoughts. I once asked a liberal professor I know if he ever noticed the political imbalance on campus and he said that it was because people like him were were "thinking people." It's the sort of smarmy, self-righteous response I would expect from an elitist academic. The thought never crossed his mind that perhaps they are, well, smarmy and self-righteous elitists. In fact, if you look at the whole "speech code" movement on campuses nation-wide, it's conservative students fed up with having to listen to their professor's politics in a place where they are a captive audience. Not only that, but they are then shouted down or the subject changed when they actually speak up about it and challenge the teacher. The speech codes being argued over merely state that professors should stay on-topic in their class. If politics is part of the lesson or subject matter being discussed, all views offered are to be entertained and discussed and debated on their merits. That's it. Liberal professors fight this because they don't like having what they KNOW to be intellectually bankurpt, but apparently "enlightened" viewpoints, challenged. Their argument is that such a code would force them to teach (read: discuss) such outlandish viewpoints as creationism when everyone knows that evolution is the be all and end all of how the Universe was formed... now if we could only find that missing link. But anyway, moving on.
Liberals look the other way when it comes to gangster rap. Gangster rap – if you wanted to come up with something that would make young black men look like buffoons, you’d come up with gangster rap. You’d think the Ku Klux Klan came up with this stuff. And yet feminist liberals, or liberal feminists, are silent – and their liberal friends are by and large silent. Why? Because it’s a black art form. Because it’s a black art form, it’s off limits to criticism. This is a world in which women are “bitches” and “hos”, and feminists have gone deaf, dumb, and blind about it.
This is another thing I can't stand. I like the sound of rap, and I enjoy its rhythms and how singers can tell a "story" of sorts in a rhyme scheme to a beat. But I admit the profanity and mysogyny involved in rap is just ridiculous. Don't dare denegrate it though, then you're trampling on black culture- racist! Tell me: why should I respect a culture that represents itself with mysogynist music and obscenity? Goldberg goes on to mention how opening your mouth about blacks is a dangerous business as you will flatly be condemned a "racist" before you can even finish your first statement (which goes to liberals attacking the messenger instead of the message- but that's neither here nor there).

I only touched a few points here. Check out the entire interview- it's great, and it's made me want to read "Bias."