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Monday, June 27, 2005

Honoring the Memory of An Anti-Patriot

The DesMoines Register has a tear-jerker story about Rachel Corrie's parents and their struggle to aid the enemies of America's friends.

For those of you who don't remember who Rachel Corrie is, she stood in front of a bulldozer and got run over defending Palestinian homes. Unfortunate, but her own fault. I feel little sympathy for her considering that the bulldozer was there to demolish homes known to be entrances to tunnels where explosives and other weapons were smuggled into Israel. LGF has documented (on numerous occasions) a lot of the Rachel Corrie story. I feel little remorse or sense of loss this person died- though it is unfortunate. What remorse I do feel, however, is that I think that her world view is a product of her environment instead of her nature. This piece from the DesMoines Register only furthers my opinion. This is mainly due to the fact that her parents are as left-wing as she was.
Craig and Cindy last saw their daughter in December 2002. They were living in Charlotte, N.C., at the time, where Craig was working in reinsurance. Cindy was doing some work against the impending Iraq war, going to school to learn French and was in a choir.
Here is a picture of Rachel teaching kids in Palestine how to burn the American flag. This is a stark contrast to the picture featured in the DesMoines Register which shows a much more docile- but seemingly equally angered- Rachel.



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