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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Durbinizing Rove

Every time the left manages to piss off a lot of people (which is quite often in my case) they try turning it around putting their accusers on the defensive. Every time. This is why I'm not surprised they're having such a hissy fit over Rove's statements on how wishywashy they are when it comes to America's enemies. It also comes as no surprise to me that this "faux outrage" comes only days after Durbin's statements. He later "apologized" for the comments but that isn't the point.

The fact that the Dems would be outraged at Rove after talking about the liberals (not Democrats) is amazingly hypocritical considering what Dean has called Republicans ("white Christian party"). Not to mention some of the things Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer have been saying over the past 3 months. Again, Democrats/Liberals get a complete pass when it comes to inflmatory language, and Republicans are crucified at the slightest hint of strong speech. Despicable.



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